It's no secret, we love to eat! We have tried countless restaurants, bars and eateries north of the Harbour Bridge and we feel its our obligation to tell you where we are spending our hard earned money. These are just some of the team favourites!

High Street Bakery - Willoughby

Starting off this list is our crowd favourite High Street Bakery. A small cosy bakery/cafe/restaurant located in Willoughby serving pastry favourites and traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Getting a seat during the lunch rush is next to impossible, so we recommend take away orders.

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Cafe Geo - Lane Cove

There is no better kebab northern Sydney. You'll quickly make friends with Annie who opened her cafe to the applauds of the residents of Lane Cove. Seating is limited so you will be grabbing and going - Thee food is so good you won't make it back to they office with anything.

Cafe Geo on order on us

Via Napoli - Lane Cove

We wont sugar coat it. Don't come here if you are after peace and quiet. Fast, chaotic, loud and fiercely Italian. Via Napoli has fantastic pizza, not as good at Verace at Macquarie, but a close second.

Via Napoli

The Hayberry - Crows Nest

Possibly the coolest place to eat burgers and drink on Friday. Surrounded by old whiskey bottles and boxes from the adult shop upstairs, you and your friends can demolish burgers in a dimly lit room - no one can see your shame.

Your table will be eerily quiet as you scoff down your burgers and obsess over their waffle fries. Don't come here if you need to go back to the office.

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Five Points Burgers - North Sydney

Arguably the best burger place in North Sydney, five points is a more hipster-y version of grilled. These guys have a small selection of burgers but make each ones masterfully. It can get pretty busy around lunch so its best to go early.

We recommend the Bronx and Staten Island with a vanilla bean milkshake as beer is not available.

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